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Hotel near Botanic Gardens Malahide

Hotel near National Botanic Gardens

The National Botanic Gardens is noted for its fine plant collections holding over 15,000 plant species and cultivars from a variety of habitats from all over the world.

A visit to the National Botanic Gardens is one of the best things to do in Dublin. Created in 1795, the National Botanic Gardens is an amazing tourist attraction and is Ireland’s second most visited attraction. It is known for housing over 15,000 plant species and cultivars from a wide variety of habitats around the world.

Visitors can enjoy such features as the Herbaceous borders, rose garden, the alpine yard, the pond area, rock garden and arboretum. The gardens are home to over 300 endangered plant species from around the world including 6 species, which are already extinct in the wild.

Education is a fundamental role of the National Botanic Gardens: through their collections and activities they aim to increase public awareness of plants and their importance to people globally. They now have Audio Tours which enable visitors to take self-guiding tours through their own MP3 player, mobile phone or souvenir player.

7km from Hotel

It is located in Glasnevin, Dublin 7 near Prospect Cemetery and the River Tolka. Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge is located just over 7km from the National Botanic Gardens. Book your stay at Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge today.

Other local attractions

Book your stay at Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge and enjoy sightseeing in Dublin today.


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